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This training tour will cover most of the material in the Level 2 course as well as provide an interesting visit of up to three different lighthouses and three islands located in the northern Chesapeake Bay.  Depending on your experience and allotted time, this tour can vary between 8 and 18 miles round trip.




($115 including kayak rental

and all equipment)



Lighthouse Tour - Concord Lighthouse and Fishing Battery Lighthouse can be visited in this training tour that launches from the Millard Tydings Marina in beautiful Havre de Grace.


Launch ramp at Tydings park



Kayaks are launched from a floating pier or the boat boat nearby ramp.


Concorde Lighthouse



Steve @ Lighthouse #1, Concord Point Light was built on this spot in 1827, a 36 foot tower with 3 foot thick granite walls. The lantern was originally lit with 9 whale oil lamps with 16 inch tin reflectors. In 1854 a sixth-order Fresnel lens was installed, and this was eventually upgraded to a fifth-order lens  


Tydings Park marina




Here is a distant view of Tydings Marina



Hank at Lighthouse on Elk Neck



Lighthouse #2, Turkey Point Light, only thirty-eight feet tall, happens to be the highest of 74 lighthouses located on the Chesapeake Bay because it stands on a 100-foot-high bluff. It was visible for 13 miles.

NOTE: This lighthouse is only visited with experienced paddlers wishing high level training.



Fishing Battery Lighthouse


Island #1 & Lighthouse #3, Fishing Battery Light was built in 1853 on an artificial island off the entrance to the harbor of Aberdeen, Maryland, in the northernmost part of the Chesapeake Bay. Keepers continued to live in the lighthouse until 1939, although the light was moved from the lantern to the adjacent skeletal tower in 1921. In 1942, the island became a national wildlife refuge. Since then, things have gone steadily downhill for the abandoned lighthouse, and it is now on the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of critically endangered lighthouses.



Tydings park ramp from the water



The boat ramp can be very busy on weekends. We had no problem exiting our kayaks from the floating pier.





Eurasian milfoil carpets the bottom of the Susquehanna Flats.  It can form large, floating mats of vegetation on the surface of lakes, rivers, and other water bodies, preventing light penetration for native aquatic plants and impeding water traffic. The plant thrives in areas that have been subjected to various kinds of natural and manmade disturbance.



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Last modified: April 24, 2013