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Smith Island Water Trail Tour

(as seen on Maryland Public TV)

Join us as we spend the weekend exploring the area that so captivated Captain John Smith when he first sailed these waters 400 years ago. Our route will see us paddling one of the most intriguing and wildlife-filled island of the lower Chesapeake, Smith Island.  This three-day, two night kayak skills development course will focus on developing  kayaking and expedition-related skills.  The trip will include your option of spending the night in the Bed & Breakfast or camping in the water front grounds of the B&B.  Sign up fast for the B&B as there's only 3 rooms available, each with two beds.  Either way, you will have a full breakfast included in the morning and use of any of the 3 full baths.  We also include the price of the ferry boat ride to and from the island.. 

This is another opportunity to integrate kayak skill development with great kayak touring. Throughout the trip, we will be working on refining old skills and developing new ones as we paddle the island's water trail system. By the end of the weekend you will have been exposed to – and have had a chance to practice – all the elements of our regular ACA Level 1 sea kayak training and portions of the Level 2 kayak training curriculum. You’ll learn new kayak strokes (e.g., bow rudder, hanging draw, low brace turn) and have an opportunity to practice them in open water conditions. In addition, you’ll develop more confident edging, build up your repertoire of safety skills (e.g. Eskimo rescues, towing) and expand your knowledge of kayak navigation.   

Pricing for the trip is as follows:

Accommodations Price per person
Bed & Breakfast Room (DBL Occupancy) $400
Waterfront Campsite $340


For additional information, please email us at the address below
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Last modified: April 24, 2013