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The Level 2 course is full-day of training. It reinforces and builds upon Kayak Quickstart skills. Propulsion and turning strokes are expanded upon, kayak maneuvers are refined and low bracing skills (to keep you from falling over) are introduced.  In addition, you’ll learn how to rescue others – and how to be rescued - in deep water, using the T/X-Rescue. You’ll also learn how to rescue yourself, without assistance from others (paddle float re-entry).  After acquiring Level 2 skills and plenty of practice, you’ll become a very confident and competent paddler in calm, protected waters.  Full Level 2 competence also requires successful completion of at least one (and we recommend several) day trips of at least 5 miles in protected water.  KayakTraining.com has several day and overnight trips to choose from when you're ready.  When you feel ready you should be able to take the ACA Level 1 or 2 Assessment and earn your Kayak Certification.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Forward
  • Back (stopping)
  • Draw
  • Sculling draw
  • Forward Sweep
  • Reverse Sweep
  • Stern Rudder


  • Spin: boat pivots in place
  • Abeam: boat moves sideways without headway
  • Forward: boat goes forward in a reasonably straight line
  • Stopping: boat stops within a reasonable distance
Water comfort and confidence
  • Controlled capsize / wet exit
  • Swim the boat to shore (short distance)
  • Emptying a kayak
  • Deep water exit / re-entry

Assisted Rescues

  • Reenter & Pump

  • T/X Rescue

Self Rescues

  • Paddle float rescue (Hands Only Method)

  • Paddle float rescue (Deck Rigging Method)

  • Paddle float rescue (Stirrup Method)

Price per student: $95   Course Length: 6 hours


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Last modified: April 24, 2013