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KayakTraining.com offers a wide range of sea kayak training courses and guided kayak tours. We have kayak instruction for the beginner as well as the advanced paddler. Our kayak lessons are designed to help beginners establish a base set of skills; intermediate paddlers to gain confidence in their expanding skill set; and the advanced kayaker to immerse themselves in perfecting various kayaking techniques and advanced rescues.  

Kayak Quick Start Training Course
Beginner Kayak Lessons
So you bought a kayak, now what? To really get the full enjoyment and maximize your investment, you might want to consider taking an introductory lesson.....
ACA Level 2 Kayak Training Course
Beginner / Novice Kayak Lessons
The goal of this course is to help novice kayakers perfect kayak strokes and maneuvers as well as take a step towards preparation for advanced open water skill development such as assisted rescue and self rescue skills.
ACA Level 3 Kayak Training Course
Intermediate Kayak Lessons
Kayaktraining.com offers three distinct Level 3 courses, including Advanced Strokes and Rescues, Bracing and Rolling, and Basic Navigation. Learning the skills covered in each of these areas is important because they provide the foundation for those wishing to undertake longer trips and/or paddle in more exposed conditions.
ACA Level 4 Kayak Training Course
Intermediate / Advanced Kayak Lessons
Kayaktraining.com’s Level 4 courses focus on the ability to apply all Level 3 skills in moderate to rough open water conditions.
Eskimo Rolling Course
Beginner through Advanced Kayak Lessons
While rolling a kayak can be a great way to save yourself from an unexpected capsize, it's also just plain fun! 
Refresher Courses
These are three-hour “tune-up” courses that are designed primarily for people who have decided to pursue formal ACA awards at Levels 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Custom Course
Need to learn a particular new skill? Or perhaps brush up on some old ones.  We'll customized a course based on your skill level and desired curriculum.
For additional information, please email us at the address below
 info @ KayakTraining.com

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Last modified: April 24, 2013