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Kayak Training and Sea Kayak Tours:

Kayak training by KayakTraining.com offers a wide range of sea kayak training courses and guided sea kayak tours. We have instructional courses for the beginner paddler as well as the advanced kayaker. Our kayaking  lessons are designed to help beginners establish a base set of skills; intermediate paddlers gain confidence in their expanding skill set; and the advanced kayaker immerse themselves in perfecting various kayaking techniques and advanced open water skills.

Our guided kayak tour options include day trips, overnight excursions, and full expeditions. And of course, we happily offer kayak training as part of the tour at no additional charge. A guided tour is a great alternative for those who want to learn at a more leisurely pace and enjoy taking in the sights while you learn.

Kayak training classes are available for groups or by private lessons. Training by ACA Certified Instructors is available in the Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia (DelMarVa) Chesapeake Bay area throughout the year, including Aberdeen, Havre de Grace, Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, DC, Rock Hall, Kent Island, Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury and Ocean City.



Kayak Quick Start Training Course 

So you bought a kayak, now what? To really get the full enjoyment and maximize your investment, you might want to consider taking an introductory lesson.


ACA Level 2 Kayak Training Course

The goal of this course is to help novice kayakers perfect kayak strokes and maneuvers as well as take a step towards preparation for advanced open water skill development such as assisted rescue and self rescue skills.


ACA Rescue Training Course

This course is to help kayakers who have beginner skills to build their confidence with the development of assisted rescue and self rescue skills.  It's a great refresher course for those kayakers who have not practiced their rescue skills in a while.  The course incorporates the rescues section of our Level-2 Kayak Training instruction.



ACA Kayak Assessment Levels

The ACA skills assessment system is designed to supplement ACA Coastal Kayak courses to clarify the paddler’s path of progression, identify skill and knowledge level at the time of assessment, and assist in risk management decisions for sea kayakers. KayakTraining.com will train you on all the skills necessary for any Assessment Level you desire to achieve as well as arrange for your Assessment Level testing.


For additional information, please email us at the address below
 info at KayakTraining.com



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Last modified: April 24, 2013