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Kayaktraining.com offers three distinct Level 3 courses, including Advanced Paddle Strokes and Kayak Rescues, Kayak Bracing and Kayak Rolling, and Basic Kayak Navigation.  Learning the skills covered in each of these areas is important because they provide the foundation for those wishing to undertake longer trips and/or paddle in more exposed conditions. For those interested in doing the formal assessment for the level 3 award, competence in each of these areas is required.  The Level 3 assessment also requires that the candidate have participated in at least three day trips of at least 10 miles each in calm to moderate open water.

Advanced Kayak Paddle Strokes and Kayak Rescues is a full day course that focuses on: 

  • perfecting the strokes and rescues learned at Levels 1 and 2 and beginning to apply them in open water conditions
  • learning several new strokes and maneuvers such as sculling and hanging draws, draw on the move, bow rudder, low and high brace turns, and sculling for support
  • confidently incorporating edging into your turning strokes
  • learning new rescues, including bow- and paddle-presentation Eskimo rescues, contact rescues/tows, and use of short and long tow lines.

Kayak Bracing and Kayak Rolling is a three-hour course that focuses on mastering bracing skills and learning how to do an Eskimo roll. Several types of rolls are covered including C to C, sweep, extended paddle roll, and the re-enter and roll.  While we canít guarantee that everyone will have a bomb-proof roll, the typical student will roll successfully by the end of this course.

Basic Kayak Navigation is a four-hour course that is part classroom and part on-water. It is designed to introduce you to the science and art of knowing where you are on the water and how to choose the best route to get to where you want to go (and back).  Topics will include the importance of navigation, reading nautical charts, compass use, paddling a compass course, use of ranges, taking fixes to determine location, an introduction to tides and currents, and trip planning.

Objectives: Based on the course selected you will learn to perform the following strokes and maneuvers with efficiency, fluidity and control.

1. Forward stroke.
2. Sweep stroke
3. Reverse strokes
4. Beam draw (In water recovery)
5. Sculling draw
6. Scull for support
7. Low brace
8. High brace
9. Static brace turns
10. Bow rudder
11. Side slip (Hanging draw)
12. Stern rudder

Rescues may also be emphasized in this course. Some of the rescue skills covered are:

High & Low bracing
T and TX Rescue

Scoop rescue
Eskimo bow rescue
Eskimo paddle presentation
Paddle float rescue (Hands Only Method)
Paddle float rescue (Deck Rigging Method)
Paddle float rescue (Stirrup Method)

All-In capsize drill


Price per student: $95
Maximum of 5 students per instructor.


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Last modified: April 24, 2013