Indoor Pool Kayak Rolling Sessions for 2008

While kayak rolling can be a great way to save yourself from an unexpected wet exit, it's also just plain fun!  We can teach beginner kayakers, intermediate kayakers and advanced paddlers with good bracing skills to roll a kayak using either standard euro-paddles or traditional Greenland wooden paddles. In either case, we will put you on your way to having the bomb-proof kayak roll you have always wanted.

Kayak Rolling Lessons

With winter time Chesapeake Bay temperatures near freezing, there's no better way to learn new kayaking skills or to practice the skills you have learned than to join us at one of our indoor pool kayak training sessions.  It's so warm you'll think you've paddled to the tropics instead of a quick hop to Goucher College in Towson, Maryland.  Come just to practice your own kayak rolling skills or take us up on our kayak rolling instruction.  Also available are lessons in self and assisted rescue techniques.  We limit the sessions to just 15 kayaks so be sure to call ahead and reserve your kayak rolling lessons early.


2008 Rolling Sessions

Saturdays starting at 6pm

Session #1

November 15th  6pm -8pm Rolling Practice (no instruction)
Session #2 November 22nd  6pm -9pm

Rolling Practice & Rescues with

ACA instructors**

Session #3 December 6th  6pm -8pm Rolling Practice (no instruction)


The ACA waiver form must be downloaded and completed prior to attending any rolling session or class.  adultwaiver.pdf  Please include your ACA# if applicable.



The sessions are held in the Aquatic Center (Building 19c on Campus Map). After turning into the college from Dulaney Valley Road, take Campus Loop (the very 1st Left) and travel just 1/2 mile then turn Left just before the Athletic building. Travel through the small parking area and make a Right turn by the tennis courts. You enter the pool area through the large white steel double door in the corner of the building.

Link to Goucher College in Towson


Rolling Session Pricing

Below are the various kayak rolls we have available for learning.

Eskimo Roll


Styr Roll


Butterfly Roll

Screw Roll


Sweep Roll


C to C Roll

Sculling Roll


Storm Roll


Elbow Crook

2 hour rolling session

(No Instruction)

(Reservation required)


75 minute rolling instruction

(2:1 student/instructor ratio)

(Reservation required)

75 minute self rescue training

(4:1 student/instructor ratio)

(Reservation required)


Rental kayak, paddle, spray skirt & PFD

(Reservation required)



Pay $75** In advance for 3 kayak rolling practice sessions.


** If you are not an ACA member then please add a one time fee of $10.00 for insurance to cover the entire 2008 indoor season.


Last modified: April 24, 2013